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March 24, 2023

The Impact of Kindness in Business and Beyond: Insights from Anna McCoy's Billionaire Brilliance

As I sat down with my friend Pat Pearson, a psychotherapist, speaker, and author of "Stop Self Sabotage," I couldn't help but feel excited to share my message of billionaire brilliance with her audience. We dove deep into what it means to be intentional and how our actions can impact others in ways we may never fully understand.

One of the things I've always believed is that love is a powerful force that can transform the world. For me, loving deeply, being a passionate encourager, and making the world a better place for the people I meet is my life's goal. This belief is at the core of my work, and I'm always looking for ways to share this message with others.

During our conversation, Pat asked me about the origin of my favorite line, "You are loved, you are appreciated, you are celebrated, and you are valued." I explained how I first heard this line from my mentor, who was also my spiritual father and muse. He deeply impacted my life, and when I heard him say those words, they resonated with me. They became a part of my being, and I've been saying them for almost 25 years.

When Pat asked me how people react to this line, I couldn't help but smile. I explained that I've seen tears, wonder, and emotional connections. I've even had strangers melt in my arms upon hearing these words. It's a powerful statement that has the potential to transform people's lives.

One of the most powerful stories I shared with Pat was about a time when I saw a man sitting on the ground outside of a convenience store. He appeared to be homeless, and I knew I had to do something to help him. I approached him and gave him some cash, and he looked up at me with wonder and excitement. I screamed out to him, "You deserve it," and he touched his heart in response. This experience reminded me that everyone deserves love, care, and connection, regardless of their situation.

Pat and I also talked about the importance of passing on legacy principles and ideas to the next generation. We both agreed that we need a new way of training and educating young people. Our children need to be trained in the rescue triangle before they reach our age so that they can learn how to avoid drama and stop self-sabotage.

Finally, we discussed the idea of billionaire brilliance, which is the abundance of opportunity to change the way we live and exercise our brilliance. We both agreed that doing well by doing good is an essential principle for success.

In conclusion, my conversation with Pat Pearson was a powerful reminder of the impact we can have on the world. Love, care, and connection are essential ingredients for transforming people's lives, and passing on legacy principles and ideas is the key to creating a better future. As an intentional human, my goal is to make the world a better place for the people I meet, and I will continue to spread my message of billionaire brilliance with the world.