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Billionaire Brilliance with Anna McCoy


The business and faith podcast on how to unlock your Billionaire Brilliance to be more confident, make more money and achieve your wildest dreams in business and life. Welcome to the Billionaire Brilliance podcast with your coach, guide, and mentor, Anna McCoy, the author of Building Generational Wealth and Woman Act Now. Weekly she'll dive into mindsets to awaken your ideas to build a future-ready business and zero in on what holds you back from accomplishing your wildest dreams. As a proven entrepreneur, with a track record of starting and growing multimillion-dollar enterprises, in this podcast, I will teach you the 7 building blocks to unlocking the billionaire brilliance that makes you invincible, confident, and action-oriented. Together we will value innovation, wisdom, knowledge, and creativity. Also, I’ll introduce you to some of my amazing peers, expert guest, and other entrepreneurs to inspire, educate and enrich your thinking. Weekly, I will bring you the scoop on the latest tools, technology, and business principles that will improve your business acumen, financial forecasting, operations, marketing, and leadership skills to ignite your billionaire brilliance and activate your superpower to win in business and life.

About the Host

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Anna McCoy

Author/Coach/ Guide/ Mentor/Entrepreneur

Coach Anna McCoy:  Intentional human. Loves deeply. Passionate encourager. Makes life better. Teacher. Guide.

Coach Anna, a proven entrepreneur on starting and growing multi-million dollar enterprises in real estate, event production and senior healthcare. Her intuitive influence brand, Billionaire Brilliance, guides future leaders and entrepreneurs, ungirded by wisdom, knowledge and business acumen to innovate the future of life and global commerce.

Anna McCoy Global Ventures, LLC is an investor in multiple entrepreneur startups including solar, OTT, women empowerment platforms, the future of work learning platforms, and AiTrust and Ethics.

Founder of Antiracism Society of America to eradicate systemic racism through education and Town Hall meetings with corporations, governments and community towards a dialogue for change.

Anna McCoy is the former CEO of EBW (Empowering a Billion Women) Foundation. She collaborated and galvanized women leaders, influencers and CEO’s of women empowerment initiatives in over 20 countries to activate the mobile, money and mentoring platform of EBW, Inc. to empower a billion women globally by 2020.

She is a co-founder and principal, UrbanAmerica, a private real estate equity and development firm, she and her partners started in 1998. Through their efforts revitalizing low income communities throughout the U.S., they raised over $800M and transacted over $2B in real estate transactions. UrbanAmerica has created in excess of 27,000 jobs.
We inspire creativity, innovative mindsets, belief in one self, collective brilliance, unapologetic love and faith in the future of humanity.
We see a world with unlimited potential and personal freedom for the human soul.
We are setting a new standard for intuitive knowledge, creative genius, business acumen and global commerce.
What do you feel makes you special? I inherently want to see people win! I am generous with my knowledge, experience and wisdom.I am a resourceful doer, innovative thinker, adventurous soul. I love learning and passing that on to others and seeing them learn from it, thrive and advance in life.